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the Center for Women in Leadership

The CWL at Northern Seminary equips women, in a context that is biblically rooted, theologically robust, and ethnically diverse, to thrive as leaders in the church, the workplace, the academy, and the public square.


The Alabaster Jar Podcast is a weekly conversation that takes on current issues impacting women at the intersection of faith, theology, and ministry. Dr. Lynn Cohick, Dr. Ingrid Faro, and Dr. Beth Felker-Jones pour out their wisdom from years in ministry and academia to inspire women to continue advancing God’s mission in the world.

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"We have the tenacity to claim that the Christian faith still has something to say. The church as we know it is dead. But what is dead can come back to life."

Reform the traditional educational model. Instead of lectures, papers, and exams, we see real learning happen when a safe space is created where you can ask difficult questions, guided by trained theologians as you work through real questions of faith.


thoughtful theological resources for children from Tiny Theologians


Seminary Now is a subscription-based, streaming video platform that delivers exclusive biblical, theological, and practical ministry training from a diverse group of leading educators and thought leaders, including a course from Beth Felker Jones on a Christian Theology of sex.


Join us for a free webinar on courageous preaching.


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